KOHLER® Standby Power Generators

Ever since world’s first engine-driven automatic generator was introduced by Kohler in 1920, Kohler has provided power to homes, factories, recreational vehicles, boats and countless other applications throughout the United States and around the world. With a passion for delivering clean, reliable power whenever and wherever it’s needed, Kohler Power Professionals offer innovative solutions, uncompromising service and support, and confidence unmatched in the industry.

What it means to be on

For the homeowner, standby power can mean the difference between staying put and moving out. With a Kohler commercial- grade residential power system, you’ve got a potent ally on your side when the lights go out – power for life without interruption.

Professionals seeking backup and prime power solutions need a partner who’s on their game. Ready with innovations. Energized by ideas.

Kohler Industrial Power is always on because the people behind the name are on. On call. On point. On demand. So when electrical contractors, engineers and facilities managers come to us for solutions, Kohler comes through for them. Integrated solutions to streamline the specifying process. EPA-compliant equipment. A support network that circles the globe. Continuous product development. And perhaps the greatest benefit of all, the power of people who can think through your challenges and offer real answers.

Why KOHLER® Residential Generators?

Glad you asked.

We have a saying around here: “You can trust a KOHLER generator for good reasons.”

  • Here’s why…

    • High Quality Power. Advanced voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion for excellent generator power quality to protect your valuable electronics.
    • Powerful. Exclusive PowerBoost™ technology provides power to start large loads such as central ACs without dropping power to other appliances.
    • Reliable. The extraordinary reliability and performance is also backed with a 5-year or 2000 hour limited warranty.
    • Enclosure. New design in steel, dipped in e-coat for extra corrosion protection and painted with a durable powder coat finish.
    • Remote Monitoring.

Inside every KOHLER generator is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads over many years. (Think heavy-duty construction equipment.)

Every KOHLER generator is meticulously quality-tested start to finish. First, our engineering team runs hundreds of performance tests during our design process. Everything’s examined — down to the bolt.

Once the generator design passes our inspection, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves our factory, we put it through the paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

KOHLER is trusted everywhere.

Hospitals, nuclear power plants, even the National Weather Service trust in hard-working, long-lasting KOHLER generators.

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When you lose power, a KOHLER® generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.

What’s a
commercial generator?

A standby commercial generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage. It’s installed outside your business (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re open or closed. All within seconds of a power outage. Plus commercial generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling.

  • Who needs one?

    Today backup power is important for every small business owner.

    These are just a few of the benefits:

    • Protects your revenue stream and your inventory during an outage
    • Keeps the lights, AC and heat on
    • Powers your communications, computers and security system
    • Keeps your customers coming back and encourages new customers to count on you

From light commercial to heavy industrial, KOHLER® generators from 8.5 to 3250 kW are customized to your specs and available EPA-certified. Large models from 400 to 1300 kW are designed to work specifically for standby, prime or continuous applications – whatever you need.

  • More than 60 gas and diesel generator models from 8.5 to 3250 kW, to match specific requirements
  • Exceptional motor starting and voltage recovery
  • Configurable to a variety of system needs
  • On-site, residential, marine and mobile models
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