When utility electric is not available due to weather, public outages, or facilities infrastructure failures, an alternative source of power is required to continue.

Companies, job sites, and individuals depend on constant sources of electricity to power their businesses and homes. Our reliance on public utilities to supply critical power services make families and businesses significantly vulnerable to outages. That’s where Island Generator Co. comes in, our service technicians have considerable experience in dealing with natural or man-made disasters, quickly and efficiently.

Hurricane Reserve Program:

  • Island Generator Co. will deliver to your home or business a generator to ensure that you experience minimal interruption in power at most.
  • Our emergency response is there to ensure our customers have minimal disruption during a power outage. Critical power customer must consider advanced planning with our Critical Planning Services Support – Contingency Planning.
  • In the event of a hurricane, rental inventories are rapidly depleted, leaving late-comers without power.

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