• Don’t be left in the Dark.

    Power Up! Control the power in your life, with an Automatic Standby Generator. It protects your home and your family every second of every day, automatically supplying power in the event of a utility power outage. You don’t even have to be home, but when you do get home the lights are always on.

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  • Light Bulb
  • How do generators work?

    See how a household generator can provide extra layers of safety, security, and comfort to your home.

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  • Choosing the right generator?

    Find out how to get started determining your household’s needs and your ideal household generator.

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  • Purchasing a new generator?

    We are determined to give you the best and only sell and install the most-reliable household generators produced today.

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What We Offer.

Here are some of the many services we provide. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call our office and we will be happy to assist.

  • Site Surveys and Generator Sizing

    From the smallest residential generator to full scale commercial generator systems, we have the skills and training to help you choose and install the best system for your needs.

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  • Generator Installation and Sales

    We sell all the popular systems and custom fit your residents or business with the best equipment. We partner with local Electrical Contractors to support all of your installation needs.

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  • Warranty Startup and Warranty Repairs

    There are lots of places to purchase generators, but very few places that actually can perform the warranty start up and perform warranty repairs if needed.

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Hurricane Sandy Power Outages and Damages

  • 8.5 Million

    Lost Power During Storm

  • 95% Clients

    Restored Power In 13 Days

  • $68 Billion

    Estimated Damage

Power up! Don’t wait for the lights to go out on you.

“Some people say that you may never use the generator, but in truth, every time a storm is on the way, my stress level is zero because I have a generator that is reliable, that to me qualifies as using it. Love this thing… T.J. Towers”


If utility power is interrupted, your Home Standby Generator detects the problem, and automatically begins providing continuous power in a matter of seconds. When utility power is restored, it shuts off and seamlessly returns to standby mode – ready and waiting to protect your home and family the next time utility power fails.

  • When The Power Goes Out, We Power Up!

    Sleep better at night knowing your lights will always come on.

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Why an In-Home Assessment?

Every home and family is different. One size generator does not fit all. An in-home assessment assures that you’re getting a home standby system that will meet your budget and specific needs, because only Island Generator Co. offers a wide range of automatic standby generators.

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