Many businesses depend on a reliable source of backup power. Losing power during peak demand times could result in significant loss of revenue. What is the cost of downtime for your business?

We provide a full range of power generation services:

  • Site Surveying

  • Permitting

  • Installation


  • Procurement

  • Logistics

  • Specifications Review


  • Valued Engineering

  • Commissioning & Testing

  • Maintenance Programs

Unlike our competition, we specialize in Generator installations… Generators are our only business!

Island Generator Co. makes generator installation as easy as 1-2-3, REALLY!

  • When The Power Goes Out, We Power Up!

    Sleep better at night knowing your lights will always come on.

  • Get Started

Stay operational when the power goes out with a heavy-duty industrial backup power generator. Island Generator Company Power Industrial Generators provide backup, prime and continuous power solutions, available in diesel, gas and LP configurations for any application. We offer Industrial Standby Power Generators from 5 kW to 3MW. Features include prime power, stand-by and peak shaving capabilities as well as transfer switches and controls. These generators comply with the highest standards in the industry today.

  • Knowledge

    Our expertise has been developed over two decades of electrical power generation systems implementation. Island Generator Co. is a company dedicated to providing a common sense, application-driven approach to ensure proper system selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We’re more than just vendors of equipment.

  • Experience

    Electric power generation is what we do. With over 300 turnkey installations completed to date, we are one of the most experienced full-service power systems dealers in the region available to you. We provide the knowledge and experience you can depend on. Let Island Generator Co. handle all your electrical power generation requirements.

Once the installation is complete… you’re ready for the next power outage!

Why not contact us today to schedule your FREE/No Obligation Site Survey of your generator needs! No hassle, no commitments, just honest answers from knowledgeable professionals!