Make it easier for you to have peace of mind when the next storm occurs. At Island Generator Co., Backup Power Systems are all we do! Let us solve your power worries before the next outage or storm!

Site Survey And Generator Sizing

  • Your free no obligation Site Survey with our professionals will take about one hour. During this time, your IGC’s professional will discuss placement of your generator, circuits / backup power needs and size options, natural gas/propane requirements and your budget range. You will have time to discuss your questions and concerns about backup power.


Because there is no “one size fits all”, your IGC Professional will review your needs and discuss the options for you and your budget. To be sure the system you purchase meets your needs and expectations, it is advised that you engage a professional, like Island Generator Co. before purchasing your system, whether from a dealer, a box store or on-line. There are numerous factors that can and will determine your end satisfaction level.

Being informed, before choosing your system, helps to eliminate surprises in the end. Three terms often used in Generator sizing are:

Complete Whole House Coverage

Complete Whole House Coverage When the power goes out, everything come on and stays on! Never wait for an appliance to take its turn being powered. When the power goes out, everything goes on and stays on – no matter how many circuits need to be backed up. Typically these generators range from 20kW air-cooled models to the larger liquid-cooled models, depending on the service and size of the home.

Managed Whole House Coverage

Managed Whole House Coverage Managing your load for a more budget friendly system has never been easier with the new and evolving technology coming in 2013! We don’t use all the circuits and appliances in our home at the same time. Knowing this, you and your professional can determine the most important circuits while a temporary juggling of individual appliance power requirements manages the generator load. This coverage option has become one of the most popular, most economical and feasible of all the systems offered in New York.

Essential Circuit Coverage

Essential Circuit Coverage Economical and essential are the key words here! This pre-packaged type system won’t do everything,it will operate the essential circuits that you choose. These are circuits that are absolutely necessary; indispensable, a basic or necessary element. For you, these might include lights, refrigerator/freezer and several receptacles. For others it may mean an oxygen dedicated receptacle, a backup receptacle for a CPAP machine, refrigerator circuit for keeping vital medicines cold or simply drinking water/well pump, sewer pump, hot water, microwave, refrigerator and lights. Depending on your needs, a smaller unit may satisfy your “essential” needs and your budget.


Where your generator will be placed depends on a variety of factors, most importantly being National Electrical Code, National Fire Protection Agency Code and local codes. This discussion with your IGC professional will include where your property lines are, the material(s) your home is constructed of, where your natural gas/propane supply are and where your meter base and home breaker panels are located.

Our professional will make suggestions that include what is the most economical, as well as other factors when discussing a location for your approval. Island Generator Co. follows all codes, as well as manufacturer specifications for installation. Your installation package will include our securing a city/county electrical permit for the work we perform at your residence.


After your Site Survey, a complete professional sales / installation package will be compiled for your review. Your personalized Sales and Installation package will describe everything from location of the generator and transfer switch to standard and extended warranty options. We leave no detail out! You will have a complete visual of your Backup Power Plan!

Your free/no obligation Sales and Installation package will have a 30 day expiration. Island Generator Co. understands that you may not be immediately ready to invest in a generator system, so we keep your package on file, ready to update pricing when you call us in the future and indicate you are ready to proceed.

Your backup power needs are unique and different, that’s why Island Generator Co. offers a FREE no obligation Site Survey, Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm, of your unique circumstances.

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