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Reacting to any interruption of critical services due to infrastructure failure, severe weather event or natural disaster will result in significantly greater down times and lost productivity. A sustained outage could result in significant financial impact on your business, a proactive approach to minimize and or eliminate any and all associated risk factors must be considered.

Proactive decisions like knowing who to call and what actions are required, will greatly reduce lost time and insure restoration of critical services. Under most circumstances, delivery of an emergency generator set or temporary HVAC equipment is not the pacing setting item in restoring critical services. The time and resources required to connect temporary utilities requires a much greater effort then the deployment of the equipment itself.

We offer our Critical Services Evaluation & Planning services to assist you in determining what your needs would be and what action would need to be taken when an interruption of primary power or HVAC systems occurs. Advanced planning will minimize or eliminate down time and reduce costs. Island Generator Co. would like to provide the answers you need! Why wait for the next power outage or HVAC system failure to dictate your decision

At Island Generator Co., we work closely with our clients to review your existing power and HVAC infrastructure and make recommendations for a back up and recovery plan that is appropriate for your individual operational requirements.

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