Reliable service for standby power generators, whether for industrial or residential application, depends on a strong, routine preventative maintenance program.

The company you trust to maintain your power system will ultimately determine its reliability and longevity.

Island Generator Co.’s generator maintenance programs are specifically designed to fit each operational environment. Take the guesswork out of generator servicing, at Island Generator Co. we have a diverse staff of factory trained technicians. Training on and using the latest diagnostic testing equipment and software to allow us to quickly assess and repair the most up-to-date power systems in the industry.

We maintain what we sell! And even what we don’t sell!

The Island Generator Co. Service Team takes Generator Maintenance and Service seriously! If your generator doesn’t come on during an outage, it does you no good! Island Generator Company has a unique system for our automatic service customers, as well as those who choose to be sent annual reminders. Island Generator Co. will keep you abreast of when your generator needs annual / semi-annual maintenance through regular Annual Maintenance Reminders mailed or emailed directly to you.

We have developed a comprehensive critical maintenance program to ensure your generator works at the most important times for your family. We are proud to offer traditional manufacturer recommended service, as well as standard service options. The majority of our customers follow the manufacturer recommended service for their particular brand generator. We offer full service maintenance programs from 1 to 5 years, or give us a call for a single preventive maintenance visit.

We’ll be there on time or we will contact you to let you know we have had a change in scheduling! The Island Generator Co.’s team takes pride in the fact that we contact you first before scheduling your service! Scroll down to view our current maintenance options for your Automatic Standby Generator.

Scheduled Maintenance For Your Automatic Standby Generator

All of our service programs include annual scheduled maintenance with all parts & labor required to complete the following services on your generator:

    • Inspect/Clean Battery
    • Inspect Gas Fittings
    • Check Vibration/Noise/Leakage
    • Clear Enclosure Louvers
    • Return unit to standby status
    • Perform 5 Minute No Load Test
    • Change Oil and Oil Filter
    • Check/Change Spark Plugs
    • Check/Adjust Valve Clearance
    • Check/Change Air Filter

Trusted Standby Generator Service And Maintenance You Can Count On!

Backup generators need to be properly maintained to perform as intended. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, generator maintenance needs to be performed on an annual basis. Regularly maintaining your Home Generator with genuine brand name parts is key to the performance and reliability you count on when the power go out.

On Call

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Standard Maintenance

Every 365-days or 72-hours of run-time between visits

Premier Maintenance

Every 6 Months or 48-hours of run-time between visits

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