The threat of power outages due to the inherent problems with electrical power distribution has increased in recent years, and severe weather has increased the demand for home generators.

  • More people are turning to standby residential generators. Nationally, over 10 million generators are in service. Annually, this number increases by around 400,000 systems per year. At Island Generator Co., the difference between us and our competitors is the acquired knowledge and experience we collectively have. We use our knowledge to make sure you get the correct unit for your needs and to make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation. Here at Island Generator Co., we provide Back-up Power for Residential applications as well as generators for home. Electricity is essential to maintain properly functioning lighting, electronic entertainment equipment, household appliances, HVAC, and security systems.

  • How do generators work?

    See how a household generator can provide extra layers of safety, security, and comfort to your home.

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  • Choosing the right generator?

    Find out how to get started determining your household’s needs and your ideal household generator.

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  • Purchasing a new generator?

    We are determined to give you the best and only sell and install the most-reliable household generators produced today.

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Island Generator Co. will provide you with the IGC Advantage that gives you the confidence and peace of mind you need.

  • When The Power Goes Out, We Power Up!

    Sleep better at night knowing your lights will always come on.

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Three important questions to be asked during the selection process:

  • 1 How long have you been in the home generator business?

  • 2 Are you certified dealer for the manufacturers & licensed installer?

  • 3 Do you provide post-sales support and service for the equipment?

For over 20 years, we have been offering unparalleled service and top level quality for power systems from small residential generators to large commercial standby as well as prime power applications. Call us (516) 456-0083 for any questions or to get a quote on our services.